16 Nozzles Automatic Corrosive Liquid Filling Machine

Website: https://www.npackfillers.com/
Email: [email protected]

Specification :

1: Filling nozzles 16(customized)

2: Capacity fill 3 circles for 100ml-1000ml

3: more than 1000ml, fill 2 times for each filling heads

4: Filling accuracy ±1%

5: Working air pressure 6-7kg/cm2

6: Operation voltage 220V(customized avaliable)

7: Machine weight 750 kg

8: Machine size :2000×910×2200mm


*can fill both angle neck bottles and common round straight neck bottles.

*can fill corrosive liquid both without Viscosity.

* Also other models in different quantity of filling heads

* Made of PP material. New design, 100% percent no liquid leaking.

* Widely used in toilet disinfection/cleaner/disinfection solution/strong acid and alkali.

*PP is much stronger than PVC and Stainless for anti-corrosive function. Also can be made in Stainless steel if buyer wants.