2018 Product Spotlights – Chuck Capping Machines

Like the spindle capper we highlighted last week, chuck capping machines are manufactured to tighten continuous thread, or screw-on, type caps. These machines offer an alternative to the spindle capper, and are especially equipped to assist packagers with lower production demands, though both automatic and semi-automatic machines are available!

Automatic chuck capping machines may be substituted for spindle capping machines for a number of reasons, with one being smaller bottles or vials that are more difficult to keep stable. In this situation, a starwheel would be used to rotate the containers under one or multiple capping heads. Chuck heads then descend to cover the cap and bottle and apply torque to repeatedly, and consistently, secure the lids. While chuck capping machines can also handle a variety of screw-on type caps, the fact that these machines actually descend to cover the caps means that the spindle capper may be more suitable for trigger sprayers, pumps and other oddly shaped closures.

However, semi-automatic chuck cappers are definitely among the most popular capping machines for low to medium production packagers. Both tabletop and handheld chuck cappers allow for quick and easy capping in a relatively small space that can be designed to fit the needs of the packager. The semi-automatic machines will require the operator to place the cap and activate the tightening process with each container. Though the simplest of these capping machines may offer little in the way of increased speed when compared to hand capping, the consistency and reliability of the tightening cannot be matched over an eight hour period by manually twisting on the closures.

Chuck heads on these capping machines can be manufactured using different materials to match the components being used on any given project. Some may be once piece machined to a specific cap, while other chuck heads may include a rubber insert that will allow for a limited range of caps to be tightened. Simple to use from the handheld all the way up to the automatic model, chuck cappers offer a second option, and often a better option, for many continuous thread screw caps. However, the best solution for capping will always be determined on a case-by-case basis taking in to account the cap type, the packaging process, the components, production demands and more!

To learn more about these capping machines, visit the Chuck Capper section of the NPACK website or call the NPACK offices today.