4 Heads Economical Lotion Bottle Filling Machine

4 Heads Economical Lotion Bottle Filling Machine

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The Machine is economic filling machine, low cost and high speed.

It suitable for filling edible oil, engine oil, gasoline, lubricating oil, honey, sauce, shampoo, etc.

Main Features:
1, 304 Stainless steel construction and the liquid contact parts are 316 L stainless steel.
2, Pneumatic components and electrical products for famous brand products.
3, PLC and touch screen control, convenient parameter setting.
4, Servo motor Driven, one servo motor drive one piston, high speed and high accuracy.
5, Accurate filling volume, within ±0.2 for 1000 ML.
6, No bottle ,no fill, automatic warning on errors.
7, The filling blocked nozzles are anti drops, silk, and auto cut viscous liquid.
8, Easy to maintain, no special tools are required.
9, Diving nozzles for bottom up filling of foaming products.
10, Bottle mouth can be located.