Automatic Arm Type Cap Tightening Machine

Automatic Arm Type Cap Tightening Machine

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This machine adopts CNC single-track electric single-head grab-type tracking screw cap.

Automatic gripping and capping are completed by the servo motor, and the movement is precise and the speed is fast. The servo system + torque module controls the capping head, and the cap tightness is freely set.

When the capping head is working, the set torque is automatically stopped. Electric rotary type capping machine adopts double photoelectric screening for positive and negative cover, and the screening pass rate is 100%.

The whole machine is made of 304 stainless steel material.

An efficient and universal machine for automatic, continuous capping of packages during production (non-stop workflow). The capping machine caps virtually any cap type with a thread (to include ones with a membrane, collar or other type of safety) fed automatically into the feeder.