Automatic Big Volume Filling Machine

Automatic Big Volume Filling Machine

Introduction to Automatic Big Volume Filling Machine:
The filling line for the weighing type, according to Customer‘s actual situation, combined with my company’s patented technology and designed into.
The Automatic Big Volume Filling Machine by: roller conveyor line (on the barrel), open the lid station, filling station, stamped, pneumatic capping, closing station, power accumulation roller conveyor line, finished barrel combination – four barrel code Into the wood shot (2 × 2 yards bucket platform), power system, pneumatic system, weighing system, anti-drop pumping system, electrical systems and other systems.

1. Stick conveyor of Automatic Big Volume Filling Machine: This conveyor line function for the barrel to be filled for delivery, smooth access to the roller, as a separate power.
2. Open the cover station: the role of the tape conveyor line to be filled into the bucket to open the air after the lid to enter the filling station.
3. Filling station: the stick conveyor will be bucket input filling area; barrel automatically detect, positioning. The empty bucket located in the filling station under the filling head, the filling head automatically dropped into the mouth and automatically peeled for filling. Fill the set by the meter a. The target volume, b. Fast amount, c. Advance the amount of work. The head is automatically reset after the desired value is reached. With automatic peeled, filling the head automatically lift, drop, open, close the valve, fast, slow filling and a series of actions are automatically completed. The instrument has the intelligent function of trimming at the next filling according to the actual weight and the set amount of error.

Filling speed by the frequency control, two-speed control, the speed of any adjustable. The main channel with pneumatic ball valve control, supply emergency use. Can be set to net weight or gross filling.
4. Cover, the mouth of the station: filling station has been filled over the bucket into the station, in the station above the artificial hanging cap, artificial shut (rain, anti-theft cover) (large) two Sets of tools, by the operator to complete the capping and large rain cover of the mouth of the process.
5. Power accumulation roller conveyor line: from the previous process has been completed over the filling, capping, shut the bucket into the conveyor line into the code after the stamp.
6. Pneumatic system: the function of the system: ① for the station to determine the appropriate gap distance position, ② for the work of the station for the servo action ③ in the screw cap, the mouth of the station directly work.

7. Electrical system of Automatic Big Volume Filling Machine: together with the pneumatic system to complete the entire system work for servo command transmission, communication, coordination.
8. Weighing system: The system consists of two weighing sensors and intelligent instruments. Is to achieve the key precision filling system.

9. Anti-drop pumping system: The filling line using negative pressure pumping system to ensure that the process of oil-free drip phenomenon.

The main performance characteristics and technical data for Automatic Big Volume Filling Machine:
1. Color display touch screen (man-machine interface): Filling line using the international popular color display touch screen, so that the operation is more simple and convenient, user-friendly, rich in content, fingers can enter the required state and function.
2. Industrial PLC: for the correct and correct procedures for the work of the system. Filling line using industrial control PLC for program control. So that equipment, procedures running reliable, intelligent, abnormal action automatic alarm.
3. Two-speed technology: In the filling process, in order to solve the contradiction between production efficiency and precision, the use of the company’s national patent double-speed technology. Foreign imports of equipment is used in two stations, (a station for a large number of filling, another station precision filling), and my company’s technology for a station to complete a fast (large) filling and precision filling (Using frequency conversion technology), make the equipment more compact and reasonable, more productive.

4. Anti-drip and withdrawal: After filling, the filling head is closed and closed, and has a negative pressure back to the anti-drip, the valve will be on the valve core of a small amount of oil back to the storage, to work There is no drip phenomenon.
5. The amount of adjustment: the filling line measurement using intelligent instrument set the target volume, fast volume and advance the amount of weight transmission by the weight of the signal, and then by the servo solenoid valve, the cylinder to complete. In the amount of adjustment on the instrument only need to adjust the amount of fast and early to achieve both efficient production, but also high-precision measurement. Work fast, the effect is obvious. The instrument also has the intelligent function of automatically correcting the error value of the next filling quantity.
6. The main parts of Automatic Big Volume Filling Machine using imported parts, long life, stable work, PLC using Germany SIEMENS, photoelectric detection using Germany TURCK, vacuum generator using the Japanese SMC, pneumatic joints Germany Festo .

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Technical Parameters of Automatic Big Volume Filling Machine:

Automatic Big Volume Filling MachineUnitInformation
No. of headsPCS2
Filling VolumeKG100-220
Filling Consumptionkw4