Automatic Liner Washing-Filling-Capping Machine

Automatic Liner Washing-Filling-Capping Machine

Characteristics of Automatic liner type washing-filling-capping machine:
Main technical parameters:
Rinse heads: 8
Filling heads: 8
Capping heads: 1
Rated capacity: 500 bottles / hour (5 liters bottle)
Filling capacity: 1-5 liters (standard filling volume)

Filling materials: water
Bottle type: PET bottle, bottle diameter ∮ 100-260MM, bottle height 150-380MM (special requirements can be customized)
Filling method: filling pressure
Applicable cap type: standard plastic screw cap
Power: 2.2KW

Automatic Liner Washing-Filling-Capping Machine which is made by NPACK has a reliable quality.NPACK is a liquid machine supplier from China.

Voltage: 380V three-phase AC
Rinse water consumption: (sterile water) ≈ 0.5-0.8M3 / H
Pressure: 0.4MPA
Equipment Dimensions: 800*700*1300
Equipment weight: 1400KG