Automatic Rotary Adhesive Sticker Fixed Position Labeling Machine

Automatic Rotary Adhesive Sticker Fixed Position Labeling Machine

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1. Super wear-resistant label rolling and sticking mechanism, using hard aluminum sandblasting, durable and not easy to wear.
2. Accurate differential bottle separation mechanism, the accuracy of the bottle separation is as high as ±5mm, and there is no need to replace accessories for changing bottles of different specifications, which saves costs and is easy to adjust, which is better than other brands.

3. The stable and durable machine base and various parts adopt standardized modular design with complete interchangeability, running 24 hours to ensure safety and stability.

4. The chassis is made of stainless steel SUS304 and T6 aluminum alloy, which will never rust and meet GMP specifications.

1) The printing head adopts solenoid valve to control the cylinder for reciprocating movement. Compared with the movement of the crank connecting rod, the reaction speed and printing speed are greatly improved.

2) The manufacturing date, production batch number and expiration date can be printed at the same time, and the printing direction can be adjusted arbitrarily according to user needs. The handwriting is clear, hygienic and clean.