Bar top Corkers for Distilled Spirits and Other Products

Among the many different capping and sealing machines manufactured by NPACK are the bar top corkers. Like every capping machine, the bar top corker is built to handle a specific type of closure, in this case, as you probably guessed, corks and cork like caps. One of the most popular industries to use the bar top corker recently is the distilled spirits industry.

With the growth of craft distillers and spirit products in general, there has also been growth in the packaging machinery used to prepare these products for the shelf! Bar top corkers, or bottle corkers, can be designed in a number of different ways depending on the needs and production speeds of the project at hand. These capping machines can be added to tabletop, semi-automatic or even automatic lines to allow for consistency and reliability in the corking process, while adding significant speed to the process in some cases.

Tabletop and semi-automatic bar top corkers will require a little more manual assistance than the automatic machines. In most cases, the corker will still use a chute to deliver the corks, but the chutes must be manually loaded by an operator. Once loaded, the operator will simply place the bottle under the corking head and the machine will do the rest.

Automatic bar top corkers will typically use an elevator to supply the machine with corks, while also using an indexing system on a power conveyor to provide a near continuous corking process. So rather than being involved with each and every bottle, the operator of the automatic machine will only need to add bulk corks once the machine is up and running!

Of course, distilled spirits are not the only product that using corks or cork like closures to seal a container. Olive oils, wines and a number of other products may also use these types of caps. Custom designs are always available for NPACK machinery where special bottles, caps or processes are necessary. To learn a little more about the bar top corker, visit the Bottle Corking Machines section of the NPACK website, or call the NPACK offices to discuss a current project with a Packaging Specialist.