Filling And Capping Machine

This fully automatic liquid filling and capping machine is our company’s adaptation to market demand. It is mainly used for glass and plastic bottles such as round, square or shaped bottles, and introduces new products developed by foreign advanced technology. The machine adopts plunger type piston pump or peristaltic pump to perform filling, and is set with automatic upper cover, automatic screw cap, machine electrical integration, economical and practical, small footprint, widely used in pharmaceutical, pesticide, chemical, food, cosmetics Liquid packaging for other industries.

PLC control system, frequency control, high degree of automation. It is easy to adjust the loading capacity, and can adjust the filling amount of all metering pumps at one time, and can also make slight adjustments for each metering pump; the operation is simple and the adjustment is rapid. Filling needles are designed with anti-drip devices. When filled, they are submerged into the bottom of the bottle and slowly risen to prevent foaming. The whole machine is designed according to GMP requirements.

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