Five Benefits of Using an Automatic Filling Machine

Investing in automatic packaging machinery creates a number of different benefits for any packaging company. Below are five of the most common benefits procured from adding automatic fillers to a packaging system.

Higher Production Speeds

First and foremost, automatic filling machines allow packagers to produce more than could be produced by hand filling products. From thin free-flowing products to high viscosity items such as jelly or paste, automatic bottle fillers allow multiple containers to be filled with each cycle. With up to sixteen fill heads, inline systems can reach speeds of up to 120 bottles per minute, allowing thousands of bottles to be filled each day.

Reliability & Consistency

Hand filling containers can lead to variances in the amount of product in each bottle. While certain measuring devices may help to lower such variances, using such devices will also add time to the process. In addition to speed, automatic filling machines will allow for a repeatable, reliable and consistent fill with each cycle, whether that fill is based on a level, volume, weight or other measurement.


Automatic filling machines are not always built for one single container or even for one single product. Automatic bottle fillers can be set up to handle a range of container shapes and sizes. In addition, many machines can handle multiple products, with some able to fill both thin and thick liquids. For companies that package multiple products in multiple containers, the versatility of the packaging equipment may be the biggest benefit of all.

Simple Controls/Lower Operator Interaction

Though automatic liquid fillers may seem to entail lengthy setup at first glance, nothing could be farther from the truth. Once in operation, filling machines will require simple hand adjustments to change from one bottle to another. But crucial settings such as fill times, indexing times, pump speeds and more will be set on a centrally located, touchscreen interface. And once settings are entered for a bottle and product combination (usually done at the NPACK site prior to delivery) operators need only recall a "recipe" from the PLC and all times will be recalled!

Upgradeable Machinery

Finally, filling machines can grow with a packager's company. An automatic machine may start with four, six or eight fill heads. As production and demand increase, more fill heads can be added to the machine. With most machines, a maximum of sixteen fill heads can be placed on the nozzle bar, allowing sixteen containers to be filled with each cycle. Different machines may have different limits and top speed will depend on factors such as bottle size and shape and the actual product being filled.

To learn more about liquid fillers and which machine would best suit your own packaging needs, browse the filling machinery section of the NPACK website or contact NPACK to speak with a Packaging Specialist.