Full-Automatic Antiseptic Filling Machine

Full-Automatic Antiseptic Filling Machine

Full-Automatic Antiseptic Filling Machine which is made by NPACK has a reliable quality.NPACK is a liquid machine supplier from China.

1 Brief Introduction of Full-Automatic Antiseptic Filling Machine

  • Suitable material: Bleach, acid liquid, 84 disinfectant, gel water, toilet cleaner, especially used in the liquid filling of strongly corrosion liquid and cosmetics which can’t touch the metal.
  • Contact liquid parts are use anticorrosive non-metallic material and with diving function.
  • This Vertical filler is a high-tech filling equipment integrating on the PLC microcomputer programmable control, and photo electricity transduction pneumatic action.
  • The machine suits for the filling of different sizes of vessel may change the filling sizes within a few minutes. Short filling circle, high production capacity.
  • User may choose the filling volume and decide the filling heads per own production capacity.
  • The precision time of the pneumatic valve filling may set to 0.01second, can make the measurement precision control within ±1%, to decrease unnecessary material loss and enhance the economic efficiency.
  • Each filling-head’s measurement may be individually adjusted torealize the same filling measurement.
  • The machine set such function: having counting program ofbottle-feeding, doesn’t fill as there is not bottle or the counting doesn’t attain a predetermined position, can start filling only when the counter records that the bottle number is same as the setting filling number.
  • More or less of the filling volume, may initially adjust to the neededfilling volume, then micro adjust, can get the ideal filling measurement precision.

2 Technical Parameter

No.Full-Automatic Antiseptic Filling MachineTechnical Data
1Capacity1000BPH for 350ml bottles
2Filling Range50ml-500ml
5Voltage220V 50HZ

3 Main Configuration to Full-Automatic Antiseptic Filling Machine

1Touch ScreenWEINVEIWTaiwan
4Solenoid ValveSHAKOTaiwan
6Angle Seat ValveBURKERTJointed
7Frequency ConverterSchneiderFrance
10Magnetic switchAIRTACTaiwan

4 Part of Full-Automatic Antiseptic Filling Machine:

Side part of Full-Automatic Antiseptic Filling Machine:

Filling part :

Filling Nozzle Material: Can do SS316, also can do PTFE
Valve Material: PP
Individual Control Box :

Individual Control Box Material: PP
Tank part:

Tank Material: PP

All stainless steel have covered with Teflon ( Black part as photo shows)
Conveyor detail photos :

5 Spare parts list:

Full-Automatic Antiseptic Filling MachineSpecificationQuantity
JointAPL-6-016 pieces
Admission valveASL-6-016 pieces
Admission valveASL-8-033 pieces
Potentiometer10KΩ1 set
Electromagnetic valve2 sets
Crank1 piece
Tools kit1 set
Tools box1 piece
Instruction1 piece