Automatic Glue Labeling Machine

Our glue labelling machine is autonomic depending on the client requirements. Generally this machine is of the rotational variety. The bottle to be labeled is placed at its stipulated place and rotated around so that the entire wrap-around sticker can be applied.

The round containers positioned accurately by the feed worm for wrap-around operation at the labeling point, the rotating glue cylinder receives cold glue from gluepot that subsequently gets transferred on the Glue Rubber Roller. Finally a fine, even and thin film of glue is transferred to the gluing pad. The round container on the moving conveyor at the feed worm actuates a sequence, which result in the oscillation of the label box. The rotating label master aligned with the help of pick up fingers f rom the label master & with oscillating Label Box. The pick up cylinder receives labels with the help of pick up fingers from the label master. The pick up cylinder holds the labels perfectly with due to vacuum during its rotational movement. Simultaneously the pick-up fingers move inside, The round container moves on conveyor with the help of worm and glued label on pick-up cylinder wrapped around to container by virtue of strip belts.Then the labeled container moves further through a rubber pressing belt & stationary rubber pad that ensures neat & perfect fixing of label.

Automatic Melt Glue Labeling Machine


Automatic melt glue labeling machine is produced by NPACK for the round bottle by hot glue,Hot Melt Glue OPP Label Labeling Machine . The hot glue can paste the two edge of label.

The overall automation and control the use of PLC control, the servo system, the inverter system, temperature control systems and other needs with comprehensive control of the point.

Automatic melt glue labeling machine is designed by for for the drinking bottle with Opp label by the melt glue/hot, automatic round bottle hot melt glue labeling machine is the linear type. the speed can raech 30000pcs/hour hot melt glue labeling machine for pure water bottles.

1  Easy operation to adjust label cutting knife

2  Vacuum drum made of high rigid material to reduce friction and static

3  Rapid changeovers: modular design and quick release change parts have changeovers fast and easy in ten minutes

4  Using handle to adjust the position of cutting knife is possible and exactly

5 Vacuum manifold at the lower part of drum and cutter, made of heat & wear resistant material

6 Automatic label length controller to adjust position of I-MARK

ModelNP-HGL Automatic melt glue labeling machine
Suitable bottle volume500ml-750ml
Bottle shapeRound bottle
Bottle diameter:55mm-70mm
Label exact:2mm
Applicable material of labelPAPER, PP, BOPP, PVC, PE, ETC
Applicable material of bottlePE, PET, Glass bottle, POP Can
Power308 VOLTS, 3 PHASE, 50-60 HZ, 9 -12 KW
Air consumption4Mpa
Weight1500 Kg
Dimension of machineL5000 × W1800 × H2000 mm

1 Overload running safety equipment attached on driving zone

2  Stopper for abnormity operation of in-feed star wheel

3  overload for bottle fed (sensor check)

4  no bottle no labeling

Cold Glue Labeling Machine


Cold Glue Labeling Machine is produced by NPACK, special for the paper label for round bottle ,cans , jars by wet/cold glue, the glue is the resin glue

Automatic Wet Glue bottle Can Labeling Machine,automatic round jars wet glue labeling machine.

Cold Glue Labeling Machine is designed by for the paper label for the Cans , Jars , Bottle and any kinds of round container. The customer load paper labels into label box , and the wet glue is the resin glue. It is mianly for the Food , Chemical industry. Full Automatic Wet Glue Bottle Labeling Machine/Laber.

Cold Glue Labeling Machine

1 With seperate bottle screw auger

2 The size of label box can be changed according to the different label size.

3  It uses the glue pump and the glue can be used circularl

4  Compare to self adhesive labels, Paper label make a low cost

ModelNP-GLB Cold Glue Labeling Machine
DRIVEShift motor driven
LABELING SPEED50-120pcs/min
LABELSIZEWidth:20-220mm  Length:80-370mm
MACHINE SIZE2400*824*1100mm
POWERAC 220V/380V  50/60HZ 750W

1 Quantity of flowing glue also can be changed to satisfy different labeling request.

2 Shit motor driver

3 Paper label and resin glue is more cheaper than sticker label

4 Any kinds of round container with paper label by cold glue