Bottle Cleaning Machine

Cleaning Equipment

NPACK bottle cleaners are used to evacuate dust and other small particles from glass, metal, and plastic bottles cleaning them prior to bottling. These contaminants often accumulate in the bottle during shipping or storage, and must be removed to provide a cleaner bottle. Prior to being filled, containers are passed through a vortex curtain of ionized air generated static control bar. The ionized vortex which is produced neutralizes the static charge responsible for attracting dust and other debris to the surface of the containers allowing for easier bottle cleaning. Our specially designed self-centering rinsing heads are lowered into the containers and a controlled blast of filtered compressed air is injected. A vacuum is simultaneously applied to remove the loosened particulate, cleaning the bottle. This debris is then sent to a collection bag behind the bottle cleaners or can be directed into your facilities extraction system for disposal.

Rinsers For Bottling

Our cleaning equipment is designed with a focus on flexibility, versatility and simplicity. The mechanical components of our bottle cleaning machine allows many container shapes and sizes to be run with simple changeover, using few or no change parts. The advanced touch screens PLC controls on our rinsers provide the ability to store multiple programs in the PLC controller, further decreasing changeover times. Bottle cleaners and container indexing settings are easily programmed and saved with our rinsers automatic setup mode, enabling the bottle cleaners changes to be made quickly and effortlessly.


  • Food products
  • Personal care products
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Chemicals


Automatic Bottle Water Washing Machine

This machine is composed of turn table, bottle transfer channel, the machine order the bottle in one line, and delivery it to the washing machine. This machine can store the bottle, buffering the bottle, and change the bottle flow direction.

Used for glass bottle, can be connect with the filling machine, can make the washing-filling-stoppering procedure go on automatically. The bottle to be wash is transferred by turn poker, and goes in to the cylinder intermittently, firstly, the ultrasonic device forming the cavitation on the interface between the water and bottle ,then was by tap water, purified water and compressed air in turn, the after finishing the washing, the bottle goes into the next procedure.

Ultrasonic device forming the cavitation---first spraying---second spraying---compressed air spray[all the washing processing exert on the inner surface of the bottle, the air come from the user site

Turn Table
Turn Table Diaφ720
transfer capabilitySynchronized with Washing machine
Power Supply220V   50HZ
Outside Dimensions750×1200×950
Washing Machine
Production Capacity40-50bottle/ min  @ 100ml vial.
Power1.5 Kw
Compressed Air Consumption15m3/h,0.3~0.4kg/cm2
Water Consumption0.6~1t/h
Outside Dimension1380×900×1350
Bottle Cleaning Machine

Automatic Bottle Air Washing Machine

It is an automatic bottle washing machine by air. the capacity depends on air washing nozzles.

Air compressor transport the air inside the vacuum container, gas through the solenoid valve and the ion generator was been purified, the tracheal gas shampoo blow gas into bottles through the gas wash mouth, blow foreign out from gas wash mouth by the pressure of gas, back tracheal exhausted waste gas to the outside through emission control.