Pharmaceutical & Nutraceutical Filling Machine

NPACK is proud to offer liquid packaging machinery for a variety of different industries, including pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals. When you need to purchase equipment for your packaging line, it’s important to choose machinery that is built to stand up to the chemicals you’ll be using with it, as well as machinery that is designed to last for a long time. NPACK is proud to offer machinery that meets both of those criteria.

Choosing The Appropriate Packaging Equipment From NPACK

The viscosity, acidity, foaming properties and more of pharmaceutical products vary greatly. NPACK designs custom filling systems for pharmaceutical or nutraceutical products of all kinds, ensuring that the bottling equipment you use in your production line is highly compatible with the chemicals you process.

Our machinery can be manufactured to suit these needs, including being resistant to corrosion. Corrosion resistant equipment can be constructed from materials such as HDPE (high density polyethylene), UHMW, or PVC, and they are simple to clean to maintain efficiency. NPACK offers a wide range of different equipment, so whether you need just one machine as a replacement or addition, or you’re building a packaging line from scratch, you’ll find what you need here.

Available Equipment For Liquid Filling Lines

We’re proud at NPACK to be able to serve all aspects of packaging lines, from start to finish. When you peruse our inventory you’ll find everything from bottle cleaners to ensure that the containers are free of debris before being filled with product, to labeling machines that affix product labels to your containers. We also offer conveyors to bring the containers to each station, and a host of different liquid-filling machines, including:

  • Pressure fillers
  • Pump fillers
  • Piston fillers
  • Molten fillers
  • Overflow fillers
  • Net weigh fillers
  • Gravity fillers

Why Choose NPACK Packaging Equipment?

Without the right bottling systems, your pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products can be compromised during production. Corrosion, clogs, foaming, residue and more can all make it difficult to maintain sanitation standards, as well as to keep your line functioning efficiently. Our filling equipment is designed around the types of chemicals on the assembly line, so you know that the products you're filling and bottling will not be negatively affected by your machines—or vice versa.

Contact us today to learn more about the bottling equipment solutions we offer to suit a variety of nutraceutical and pharmaceutical products. We’re happy to help our clients find the best products for their line.

Pharmaceutical & Nutraceutical Filling Machine

Monoblock Filling and Capping Machine

The machine adapt 316L stainless steel pump to fill different types of liquid, the filling and capping are in one machine. Adapt for cosmetic, foodstuff , pharmaceuticals and chemical industry.
Monoblock Filling and Capping Machine
1.Adapt with pump which can fill viscosity liquid, high accuracy, easy to clean and sterilizing.

2.The liquid contact parts can be different material to suit for different liquids

3.Filling Volume easy adjustment, and micro adjustment equipped for each filling nozzles

4.Filling nozzles can be anti-drops, silk, and leakage; Bottom filling adapted for foamy liquids

5.WILLIAMSON peristaltic pump or ceramic pump are for optional

Filling nozzles84
Capping nozzles21
Filling range20~1000ml
Ideal Filling range20-100ml \50-250ml\100-500ml\200ml-1000ml
Cap typesLocked caps,screw caps,ROPP, Aluminum cap
Capping rate≥99%
Voltage220V 50/60Hz
Air pressure0.4~0.6MPa
Net Weight1100kg900kg
Dimension (mm)2600×1300×16002200×1300×1600

1.It is monoblock machine, save cost and workshop space

2.The machine can filling thin liquid to viscosity liquid if choose different type of filling system

Automatic Dental Cartridge Filling, Stoppering and Capping Machine

Used for small bottles, and unstable bottles filling, stoppering and capping, it is application for e-liquid bottles, injection vials, and dental cartridge and so on.

Adapt Siemens and PLC system, rotary star wheels conveyor bottle to ensure the working stable and high accuracy.

Filling nozzles24
Capping nozzles12
Air washing nozzle12
Filling range1-10ml, 10-30ml, 30-100ml
Cap typesLocked caps,screw caps,ROPP, Aluminum cap
Stopper typesRubber, plastic or metal
Capping rate≥99%
Voltage220V 50/60Hz
Air pressure0.4~0.6MPa
Net Weight600kg700kg
Dimension (mm)1500×1300×18001800×1500×1800

1.Nitrogen bottle washing system before filling

2.Over liquid suction system

3.Automatic bottom stoppering, filling and sealing mono block

4.Laminar flow and safety door

5.the filling system can choose piston filling ,ceramic pump filling or WILLIAMSON peristaltic pump.

Automatic powder auger filling and capping machine

Powder filling and capping machine is application for automatic filling powder Into the bottles, vials and cans, then automatic capping (sealing) the bottles.

It can be used for filling glitter powder, pepper, cayenne pepper, milk powder, rice flour, albumen powder, soy milk powder, coffee powder, medicine powder , additive, essence and spice, etc

It can connnect with a bottle feeding table or bottle unsrambler from start, and connection with NP-RL round bottle labeling machine or NP-TS double side labeling machine being a full automatic packaging lines.

  • Stainless steel structure, level split hopper, easily to wash
  • Servo-motor driven auger.
  • Servo-motor controlled turntable with stable performance.
  • PLC, touch screen and weighing module control.

Bottle diameterΦ15-80mm(customize)
Bottle height15-150mm(customize)
Filling Weight1 – 5g,5-30g,30-100,100-500g
Filling Accuracy≤ 100g, ≤±2%; 100 – 500g,≤±1%
Filling Speed15 - 35bottles/min30 - 70 bottles/min
Power Supply3phase AC380V  50/60Hz
Air Supply6 kg/cm2   0.05m3/min
Total Power1.8Kw2.3Kw
Total Weight450kg550kg
Overall Dimensions1400×1120×1850mm1700×1420×2000mm
Hopper Volume35L25L(two hoppers)

1. Servo motor driven, Siemens PLC and touch screen

2. Adapt with automatic powder feeder to feed powder into hopper

3. Equipped with dust cover and dust suction system when filling the powder.

4. IT increase the filling nozzle and capping head to increase the working capacity