Overflow Nozzles – Component Replacement

Overflow filling machines use a unique nozzle that allows a seal to be formed over the bottle as the nozzle dives in to the bottle. This seal then allows liquid to not only be dispensed in to the bottle, but also to overflow out of the bottle once the desired level of fluid is reached within the container.

To ensure consistent and reliable levels, a number of different components are used on the overflow filling machine nozzles. These components include nozzle tips, washers, gaskets, O-rings and more, with many of them termed what can be called wear parts. Nozzle seals, for example, contact the bottle to cover the opening. Over time, they can wear down and need to be replaced. While the seals, being on the outside of the nozzle, are simple to replace, other components found internally can be daunting for new users of an overflow liquid filler.

Luckily, the disassembly of overflow nozzles and the replacement of any of the components is a fairly simple task. At NPACK, nearly every overflow filler will use one of two types of nozzle. While both perform the same function, the two types of overflow nozzle can be differentiated by looking at the nozzle tip. The first nozzle type will have a small hole near the very tip of the nozzle, which allows the tip to be loosened with an Allen Wrench. The second type, rather than the small hole, will have a slot in the nozzle tip that allows the tip to be loosened with a flat head screwdriver.

Other than the Allen Wrench or the screwdriver, the only other tool necessary to disassemble the overflow nozzles is an adjustable wrench. And depending on the components that you are replacing, the adjustable wrench may not be necessary either. To assist our packagers in disassembling the nozzles to replace wear parts, NPACK has put together two simple videos, one for each nozzle type. Of course, for questions or additional assistance, NPACK technicians can always be reached during regular business hours at +86-13501921030.