Product Spotlight – Automatic Spindle Capping Machine

Product Spotlight - Automatic Spindle Capping Machine

The automatic spindle capper from NPACK is manufactured to provide continuous and reliable capping for a variety of screw on type caps.  Utilizing a power conveyor, cap delivery system and stabilizing components, this packaging machine can work as a stand alone capping system or can be added to almost any existing line by simply rolling the machine up to an existing conveyor.
The automatic spindle capper could not work without the automatic delivery system.  The delivery system removes the need for an operator to place caps on each bottle before the tightening process.  Instead, the operator will simply deliver bulk closures to an elevator hopper or a vibratory bowl, which will then deliver individual caps via a chute to each bottle or other container passing through the capping area.  Typically, small metal "fingers" will hold each cap until the bottle strips it from the chute.  Stabilizer bars will often be used to ensure that the closure is not applied crooked and to help protect against cross threading.  
Once the closure is delivered to the bottle, the combination will proceed through the capping area.  In addition to a stabilizer bar, gripper belts will be used to keep the bottle steady and avoid tipping, shaking or other movement that may cause inconsistent sealing.  Some bottles or containers may require a double gripper belt assembly to keep them steady, such as tall, top heavy or oddly-shaped containers.  These gripper belts, whether single or double belts, are easily adjusted for height and width to accommodate almost any bottle size, shape or type.
As this combination moves through the capping machine, it will pass sets of spindle wheels that will perform the actual tightening of the cap.  The spindle wheels, or disks, are available in a range of durometers, or different levels of hardness, and will be matched to the specific cap being used in production to ensure that no damage such as marring or scratching occurs.  Each set of spindle wheels are individually adjustable, allowing just the right amount of torque to be applied for reliable sealing.  Machines may use anywhere from two to four sets, and clutches may be used for some applications for greater control of torque.  A reverse direction may also be used for the first set of spindles for some packaging projects to further protect against cross threading closures.  All of the stabilizing and torque controls used help ensure that the automatic spindle capper will work for the range of caps and bottles to be run on any given project.  
The double gripper belts and reversible spindles are two of many options available for the spindle capping machine.  Options also exist to handle F-style type containers, for hazardous location machinery, for right to left feed machinery and more.  To learn more about the automatic spindle capper and other capping and sealing equipment manufactured by NPACK, Inc., simply browse the Capping and Sealing section of our website or call toll free to speak with a Packaging Specialist at +86-13501921030.