PVA Laundry Pods Detergent Packaging Machine

Capsules (Pods) are becoming one of the most popular packaging choice for consumer products.

For manufacturers, production seems too expensive due to the high cost of the machinery available in the market. Our mission was to make our own equipment that is easy to operate, flexible and reliable.

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This is how we can offer our customers services for their new PVA based packaging products.

Automatic liquid pods packing machine is a rotary drum-type unit dose non aqueous liquid pods forming, filling, sealing and cutting equipment. It is an automatic high capacity water-sealing packing machine  specially designed for high concentrated laundry detergent pods. It has good adaptability of water soluble PVA film and detergent liquid.

The machine is particularly suitable for packing high concentrated liquid detergent,missible oil pesticide,oil chemicals agent and some other non aqueous system contents small dose single packs.It is a preferred packing way of product upgrade.